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5 Best Smartphone Gimbals

Date: February 2018

Take your phone-based photography and videos to the next level with one of these handheld devices

Smartphones and their cameras have rapidly improved over the past few years, to the point where you can now use the term an "smartphone photographer". Also the various gadgets and gizmos associated with videography.

One of the most important and popular gadget is the gimbal, a handheld stabiliser to help you get professional or cinematic footage from the 1080HD or 4K camera on your smartphone.

When testing products from the biggest brands, we look for build quality, ease of use and the functionality of accompanying apps. All of the products tested offer excellent stabilisation, which is the main point when investing in a gimbal.

Below are the best smartphone gimbals the market has to offer in 2018.

Zhiyun Smooth 3 - $299.00*

Zhiyun Smooth 3 Smartphone Gimbal

The Smooth 3 gimbal from Zhiyun is one of the most trusted names on the market; this model has been tweaked and improved upon its predecessor the Smooth 2 and its features and issues. The result is a truly outstanding stabiliser with a great design and innumerable features that you discover every time you use it (the various time-lapse features will become your favourite feature). The app ZY Play offers a welcoming interface with several functions, from panoramic mode to 4K shooting to manual ISO control, so you can easily control exposure. The Zhiyun Smooth 3 also comes with a formidable 12-14 hour battery life; outcompeting the four to five hours you can expect from other smartphone gimbals. As a bonus you can also charge your phone via USB while filming. From the design and its features to the performance, the Zhiyun Smooth 3 is our Top Rated smartphone gimbal. Compatible with smartphones sizes within 6 inches, and the GoPro Hero3/4/5 action cameras.

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DJI Osmo Mobile - $195.99*

DJI Osmo Smartphone Gimbal

Like the Smooth 3, the Osmo is one of the best gimbals of 2017. It is also the easiest gimbal to use of all, you simply slide your phone in, secure it with the clamp, connect with Bluetooth and the gimbal does the rest, explaining the various functions and features on our smartphone screen. As with the Smooth 3, there's a joystick for you to pan up and down and side to side, a trigger on the front to lock the camera on a specific scene or object (or double tap to enter selfie mode). There are several other features included within the DJI Go app such as time-lapse mode and tracking mode, a feature for which the Osmo especially stands out. Compatible with smartphones with widths of between 2.3 inches and 3.3 inches.

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Zhiyun Smooth Q - $139.00*

Zhiyun Smooth Q Smartphone Gimbal

The Smooth Q is a gimbal that is often mentioned alongside the leading Smooth 3 and Osmo, but is considerably cheaper. It includes some but not all of the features of other gimbals (it's not as good at stabilising footage from heavier smartphones or GoPros) but the stabilisation on iPhones and similarly sized smartphones is just as smooth and reliable as other high-end gimbals. In some respects it even out performs some features of the Osmo, namely the solid 12-hour battery life and phone-charging features. You can also power-up your device via a USB port while out shooting. The Smooth Q is a great gimbal for videographers who require a less expensive gimbal but still want professional looking footage. Compatible with smartphones with sizes within 6 inches.

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LanParte HHG-01 - $325.72*

LanParte Smartphone Gimbal

The LanParte HHG-01 is another solid and reliable smooth smartphone gimbal that comes with different clamps and counterweights, making it one of the best gimbals for videographers with heavier smartphones or GoPros. This gimbal has one of the most comfortable handles of the gimbals, but one minor drawback is that the HHG-01 does not feature and that is a joystick, but it does adjusts automatically to your wrist movements and keeps your footage smooth. But for the videographers who prefer a bit more control over their footage, this could be annoying. It comes with two clamps, one catering for phones with widths between 2.2 inches and 3 inches, and another for phones between 2.5 inches and 3.6 inches.

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FeiyuTech SPG - $159.00*

FeiyuTech SPG Smartphone Gimbal

The FeiyuTech SPG is another reliable and affordable gimbal that stabilises footage just as well as other gimbals. It also features many similarities and same functions as the other gimbals here (plus having a portrait feature) and comes with a eight-hour battery life. It's one main drawback is its design compared to other gimbals like the Osmo and Smooth 3, the Feiyu seems simply plain and basic, and isn't as easy to hold as its more expensive counterparts. But for its versatility and its low price this makes the Feiyu SPG a favourite smartphone gimbal. Compatible with phones with widths from 2.2 inches to 3.1 inches.

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The Verdict: The Zhiyun Smooth 3 Smartphone Gimbal

Out of the 5 smartphone gimbals collected here, you will get excellent footage out of your smartphone camera, but for its performance, extra features from manual exposure control to the various time-lapse modes, exquisite design, formidable battery life and lastly its user friendliness, the Zhiyun Smooth 3 is our Top Rated Smartphone Gimbal.

*All prices correct at time of review and print.

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